Friday, June 4, 2010

beach bum

Happy weekend Baywatch babes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Little Italy, North End

Back in Albany after a wonderful weekend in Boston! The city was fabulous, the food unbelievable, and the people wonderful. We'd no idea the fun to be had visiting our neighbors to the east. So very family-friendly! Little ones everywhere there, folks. You'll find bambinos in all the great resturants, picnicing in the parks, and exploring the city on foot. We loved it!

Five Alcott favorites:
1. Benevento's, Salem Street
(heaven on a plate.)
(first public beach in the US. clean and gorgeous to boot.)
(meet Myrtle, the giant sea turtle.)
(oh so touristy, oh so fun.)
5.) The public parks.
(unique and plentiful.)

starfish handler.

shark whisperer.

our happy heart.

courageous boy.


duck rider.

duck mama.

Despite all the great things about Boston, the beautiful and numerous ball fields might just top our list.