Saturday, July 23, 2011

6 month comparison


Our sweet, little Jack turned 6 months old last month! I took a photo of him in the same position as one I remembered having taken of Theodore on his 6 month birthday. So fun to look at each punkin at the exact same age, side by side. The differences and the similarities really jump out! When Jack was born, one of the first things we told our families over the phone was he had a lighter complexion and lighter features than Teddy. At six months old, you can tell indeed that's the case. But that nose...TOTALLY the same! Teddy's pic totally cracks me up! Those huge puppy eyes and the noogin with bald spots. Love it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Image via decor8

I've always loved Dutchware. When I was fourteen my mom and I spent a day in Amsterdam, then years later, me and Ryan spent a week in the Netherlands. On both occasions I lingered over the beautiful scenes, folk art, and simple patterns on the plates. Since moving into the farmhouse, I've been on the lookout for pieces to help me start my own collection. Yesterday I was excited to noticed the above image on decor8's blog. Posted to display the photograph, I couldn't help but notice the gorgeous Dutchware to the left of it. I LOVE IT! That settles it, I need a display in my own home. It may take years to find the perfect pieces, but I promise you one day I'll return to this space and share my collection.

Until then let's take a walk down memory lane with a few photos from Holland circa 2005:

collage 1collage 2collage 3collage 4

So after hearing about my infatuation with Duchware, you can imagine my delight with today's post at decor8. I would so. do. this. wallpaper if I thought for a sec I had the decorating abilities to pull it off. It makes my klompens (clogs) click!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Welcome Spring! The Alcott family has been enjoying every minute of the beautiful weather (although beautiful in small bites) we are getting here in Minnesota. The best part of the season? Ryan has been home to enjoy it! Due to spring flooding, the pipeline inspections he's involved with close down this time of year. I love (LOVE!) having my husband home! Our days fill so quickly playing with boys and working on little projects around the house. I love that he insists on getting up early with whichever bambino is the first to wake. I love that he makes sure Teddy gets lots of outdoor time every day. I love that we get to sneak in our own cuddle time while the boys nap. I love that I get to cook him dinner, fill his belly, and make him happy. I say all of this because Ry's schedule is soon to change and back to his busy work life he'll return. How very thankful I am for these last few weeks together. Here's a peek at one of my favorite days during his time off, a spring picnic at our land.

2 collage1 collage3 collage5 collage

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

would ya' look at all that hair

GrandpaGrandson collage

Well folks, I think we now know where Jack gets his crazy hair. Can you even believe the similarity?!?

2 generations and 64 years separate this grandfather/grandson duo, but by golly that hair gene is holding strong.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wagon rulers of the world


Spring has sprung in Minnesota and I've been overcome with gratitude for our new (old) home. It feels so good to be here. The boys are in heaven. Explore. Explore. Explore. The land continues to reveal its treasures to us. The pine forest tucked behind the house was a wonderland in the winter, the canopy thick with snow. Now the needle covered ground makes for fantastic walks and a soft spot to land for a running Teddadore. The open grassland behind the barn is also a family favorite. Teddy calls it the meadow or pasture. Endearing farm terminology he reads in his books and now applies to his "farm". Grandpa Alcott sent him home with a wagon the other day and now we've been wagon riding everywhere. Wagon rulers of the world, Teddy says. I like that.

So here you have it... The Alcott Boys: Wagon Rulers of the World!
collage 1collage 2

Despite his tender age, Jack too loves being the king of his own little world. His biggest nemesis? A gust of wind. They not only take his breath away, but quite literally make his arms rise up and shake.


Here's to hoping both of our boys continue to rule this beautiful land with a gentle gaze of awe and wonder in their eyes.


Can you see that on the back of both their little noggins, the hair just wants to stick straight up?! How in heavens did they get such hair?!

Nonetheless, happy trails little red wagon rulers.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jack's room

big boy crib

Last night dear little Jack slept in his own bedroom for the first time. His first three months were spent in our room, either snuggled right in bed with us or tucked in the bassinet. And although a beautiful time, we were ready to reclaim our night time sanctuary. He did wonderful on his first night, sleeping solid from 8pm to 2:30am, waking for a quick feeding, then sleeping again until 6am when we started the day. I'm so proud of our new solo sleeper!

Here's a peek at Jack's newly completed bedroom. We went simple, hopefully creating a feeling of calm? ;-) The illustrations on the wall are from a Little Bear book circa 1961. I disassembled it and framed a few of our favorite images.

room collagelittle bear collage

After a good night sleep, the boys are spending the morning on yard work. Nothing that can be taken too serious with Teddy Bear at your side. Wishing you all a restful weekend as well!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

potty training


Serious potty training is underway at the Alcott abode! We've long suspected Teddy capable of shedding the nappy. He'd not gone number 2 in it for months, but his little brain wasn't making the connection for number 1. So last Tuesday we tried a new tactic and dove in head first! Rather than continuing to wait for him to initiate, we bought him big boy undies, and said now you have to use the potty for pees...and wouldn't you know it, he's doing just that (with a little M&M incentive)!

That's not to say we've been without stumbles. If our little man is upset or playing outside he's prone to an accident. Plus he gets annoyed having to freeze fun all the time to use the loo. What's a bit of a chore now, will be habit in no time. He's just so darn adorable walking around in unders, I can't help but giggle each time I see him. The photo below is potty training day 2, as you can see he's already had enough with the photos. :-)


Sappy side note: Our dear Mr. Alcott is in Tulsa for the week. No matter how often he travels, days just aren't complete without our love. And believe you me, one big heart and two little hearts overfloweth with love for that man.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


John Paul Alcott: 3 months old

I took these photos yesterday and let me just say I could watch him do this all day. Everyday. There is nothing so peaceful in the world.


bassinet -nw

Watch his little mouth move in the video. I'm so in love.

Monday, March 7, 2011

tub time

Our farmhouse is missing one important thing, a tub for the boys. We've mostly bathed Teddy at the grandparents, avoiding (for now) a costly bathroom remodel.

Turns out though, it wasn't so expensive after all. :-)

tub time 2

Happy Monday, bubble bathers.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what a little paint can do


We moved into our house just over four months ago and in between Ryan's work travel, the holidays, and a new baby, we painted. Wanna see?

Teddy's room

This is Theodore's bedroom. Upon arrival the walls were a pinkish lavender. Now, Resolute Blue by Sherwin-Williams. Once carpeted, we riped it out and painted the wood floors underneath (not restorable) a deep brown. The windows have been finished with red ticking panels.

hall 1hall 2

The upstairs hall, originally painted in a green faux finish, was changed to Window Pane by SW. The carpet was also removed, but the floors remain unfinished.

our bedroom 1our bedroom 2

Our bedroom was wallpapered in a cream color and also carpeted. We removed the peeling wallpaper, a careful job with the plaster walls underneath, and painted the room Abalone Shell by SW. After taking out the carpet we also painted the wood floors. I finally have a place to put the cedar chest passed down from my Grandma Krutzig. We also have a dresser passed down to Ryan from his mother. My brother painted this room for us. That's him in the photo with Teddy the Helper Boy.


At move in our stairwell was carpeted and had a terrible railing hastily put up by the sellers in order to pass inspection. We removed the railing and repaired the ceiling damaged by it (the rail had actually been nailed into the ceiling!) Under the carpet we found many layers of paint on top of beautiful hardwood. Unlike the cheap flooring uncovered in the bedrooms, we decided to try and restore the stairs. Unfortunately the grey paint (seen in the photo to the left) was lead-based, therefore making the job tricky. We weren't comfortable sanding lead-based paint with Jack and Teddy in the house, so it was a long job of careful stripping. I'm excited with the finished product though!

guest room2

I'm not sure a before shot was ever taken of the guest bedroom downstairs, but it was wallpapered, then painted a country blue. The wallpaper seams showed throughout the room. After consulting a few people, we decided it too damaging to try and remove the well adhered paper. Plus again with the wee ones in the house, we didn't want exposure to old, dangerous materials under the paper. A professional was hired to paint over the paper again, and hide all the seams. He did a beautiful job. The room also has a built-in dresser that was refinished white. The closet had no doors at move-in, but we found these (photo on the right) out in the barn and painted them white also.

dining room

I apologize for the poorly captured before shot of the dining room, but you can see it was red. We repainted in Halcyon Green by SW. My favorite color in the house thus far!

Jack's room

Last, I'll leave you with a few photos from Jack's bedroom. It's in the works. The carpet was recently removed and wall repair started. We haven't decided on definite colors yet, but I'll be sure to share when we do!

I've been inspired by so many fun things lately and this magazine gives me a bucket full of ideas! If you haven't ran out to get this month's release, GO NOW! It's so great! Big thanks to my sister-in-law for introducing it. We are making our little home improvements on a tight budget so other than painting, decorating is more about dreaming than actual doing. But goodness, it's fun to dream!

Monday, February 28, 2011

sumo baby


WANTED: Japanese wrestling coach to train our wee babe in the ancient art of Sumo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

pink, red, and purple (the month of love)

The hand of the little love artist: Theodore Ryan

Monday was St. Valentines Day. Teddy spread the love by making hearts for some of his favorites. I was given the working title of support person (or in toddler jargon, "Don't help!") by the aspiring artist. So with my own hands tied, I was impressed with how well Teddy used his. Like everything in life, he took the project seriously and worked diligently until complete.

val boy1

Once he finished the hearts, we made a love list together of the things little bear loves on the day of love. He rambled each item off confidently, without hesitation. The child knows his heart well.


I was touched when he said the last item. It feels like ages since my flower enthusiast frolicked among the blossoms. I heart his memory.

And in case you're wondering about item three. These are the sort he's referring to...


Hope your hearts are filled with all the love you. could. possibly. wish. for. and your hands have been smudged with the colors of February. Sending you off with not just one x and o, but one billion.

Friday, February 11, 2011

kitty cake

Perhaps it's the patty cake (a popular game in the Alcott abode) or the two feisty felines (think Omar and Greta, the dynamic kitty duo) that hits home with this popular video. Whatever it is, I like it.

Monday, February 7, 2011



I didn't change a thing about the photos Ryan snapped of Theodore in the silo Saturday morning. They were perfect. just perfect. as they were. Peaceful, really. No need for enhanced colors or retouched dribble smudges. I'll keep my boys and their day exactly as it was. No editing necessary.

Ry had been away for the work week and when Teddy awoke on Saturday and found Daddy home, he was elated. Like a for real "my whole heart is so very happy" kind of elation. This was their morning adventure. silo style.

4 collage2 collage3 collage1 collage5 collage6 collage

Thursday, February 3, 2011

fort carson

Final Edits (29 of 56)
Jack with his Godparents, Alissa and Jake. Photo taken by Julie Prairie.

Exciting news in the Alcott family! Ryan's sister, Alissa and her fiancé, Jake received news of their first post following Jake's graduation from the West Point this spring. Our favorite couple will be off to Fort Carson, Colorado! Woohoo! This location was their top choice and they're thrilled with the news, as is the rest of the family. Who doesn't love to visit Colorado?!? Below Jack is showing his support and camaraderie by wearing his military fatigues. The littlest cadet loves his auntie and uncle very much.


12 collage

I imagine Jack is celebrating with his Godparents in the photos. In the first he's saying "Oh yea, I knew they'd get a good spot!" In the second he's starting a celebration dance. In the third photo he regains his composure and tries to play it cool. In the last photo though he can't help, but grin again in excitement. :-)

The very best of best wishes in Colorado, Jake and Alissa. Our family loved Colorado Springs! We have so many special memories of the months we spent there. I'm positive you will too!