Tuesday, November 24, 2009

happy birthday

I love you from here to there. From now until forever.
Happy Birthday my love.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

motherhood and a case of the worries

My lovely Grandmother (pin curls and all) with one of the ten she had to worry about, my own mommy.

Fear. It must come with the job title. For me, there exist two types. First, the category I've come to think of as perennial fears. Insecurities or concerns I've always carried in my corners, not necessarily related to motherhood at all. In fact, mine existed long before Boy Wonder.

The second type are the doubts that wash in and out, changing with the day. Lately, my nooks and crannies have held more fleeting fears than fixed, and they're almost always in connection with my biggest job to date...being Teddy's mumsy.

Last night after crawling into bed, I read a beautiful article in the NY times about a woman attempting to conquer 100 big (and small) fears in 100 days. She kept a journal that had a honesty and rawness that was so real. More than facing her fears, I liked how she simply said them out loud. It seemed brave.

So in the name of bravery, I thought I'd share a few of my own fluttery fears....

* Am I disciplining Teddy enough? Should I be stricter?
- It's so difficult to know if the everyday whinnies and whines are nothing more than toddler transgressions or if he's getting a little spoiled.

* Is Teddy talking enough?
- When I read about the number of words our pumpkin should be saying, he seems a bit behind. Then again, he may just be like his daddy...a quiet soul.

* Will the balance between wife, mother, and a spirited self get easier?
-no more explanation needed.

Author's Note: I actually wrote this post a wee bit back, but never finished it. It was fun to open it this afternoon and revisit those little motherhood worries. Although it still has kind of an incomplete feel, I thought I'd post it anyway. Funny, all three fears still hover near... maybe they should be moved from the "fleeting fears" category and stored away with the "perennials."

{sending you a whisper of weekend love on a soft and sweet new york saturday.}

Thursday, November 19, 2009

baby ambidexterity

Our little Theodore is still completely ambidextrous. A couple days ago he ate his entire bowl of oatmeal using only his left hand. Then afterward, helped me wipe up the floor using his right hand. That's his normal, everyday, back and forth.

After doing a little reading, I learned most children don't show consistent preference toward one hand until they are 2 or 3 years old. Isn't that fascinating? Hand dominance is greatly influenced by genetics, so Teddy will likely end up a righty....but, I kind of hope he's a south paw. You know, a significant number of Presidents are left handed.....

mid week hugs and oatmeal kisses to our sparklies.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Azco Inc on a Sunday afternoon...

On Saturday afternoon Ryan called from work to let us know it'd be a long day and he'd likely not be home before Teddy went to bed. Tougher still, he reported Sunday would be the same situation. However he ended the conversation by trying to cheer me up with a "but you and Teddy could bring me lunch tomorrow, that might be fun!" I agreed, Teddy would think that was fun and heck, we'll take what we can get!

So yesterday we set off on our first field trip to the Empire Generating Facility. Teddy was so excited to bring daddy lunch. We'd talked about it all morning. By the time we arrived with Chipotle, he could barely make it in the door before he was pulling out burritos to show Daddy. :)

Sunday turned out to be the perfect day to visit, Ryan was one of the only employees there so we had the whole building to ourselves. Teddy decided within minutes of arrival that it was an awesome place to hang out with dad and even set to work reorganizing a file cabinet. Good lil' worker!

Ryan gave him an "official" (okay, maybe just a sticker) Azco name tag. A decorative artifact that was rubbed affectionately about 1,000 times before nightfall.

My handsome husband was even so kind as to pose for a photo at his desk! I love that I can now picture Ry's place of employment. I got to see his desk space, where he eats lunch.....all the good stuff.

It was funny. I didn't expect a half hour together to recharge me for the whole day, but it did. I think it helped Ry too. After he buckled Teddy in the car seat, he came around front and gave me what had to be a much too passionate kiss for the work environment. A quick meal together was everything we needed.

Friday, November 13, 2009

gotta have you

Galena, Illinois. February 09'

I've recently discovered The Weepies and have fallen pretty hard. They're the perfect mix of folk sound and sweet lyrics. Baby bear and I are dizzy from all the swirling and twirling.

This song warms me from the inside out. When I look at Ryan and Teddy, I can't help but think they are the only ones I really gotta have.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a photo session + a little more

Late last year, while skimming one of my favorite blogs, I noticed a chance to win a free session with a photographer in Albany, NY. I entered the drawing (with no luck), but made a mental note of the photographer's name because we'd received news of our impending move to Albany.

Last Sunday, on a gorgeous fall day, we met with that photographer and had an awesome family photo session! We spent a couple hours in the antique district of downtown Troy. The lighting was dreamy, the fall colors still beautiful, and the old brownstones a perfect backdrop. I'm torn because I want to tell you all about it, but I also want it to be a fun surprise when you get our Christmas card in the mail....so I'll try and hold off on saying too many details.

As I walked our photographer to her car, I learned she is good friends with Boho Girl, someone whose writings have brought peace and serenity into my life for some time. I was SOOO excited to make the connection! During hectic, busy, and sometimes isolating days at home, she helps me feel more connected, balanced, and gentle. She's pretty darn great....and now it's fun to know someone who knows someone....

A couple other tidbits on my mind....

1.) I am SO ESTATIC that my kindred spirit, Kelly just learned she is having a baby BOY! We've been overflowing with joy and downright giggly over the growing bambino for months, now to learn it's a little boy is pure bliss. Confession. I've had a secret desire all along that it be a boy. I wanted us to be able to share the experience of having little chaps. Can't believe it is really going to happen!

2.) Today, I bought Teddy's Christmas gifts! Last year the three of us went to a bookstore on Christmas Eve and we let him pick out a new book for Christmas. At 6 months old, I think he enjoyed getting a say for once, as much as he enjoyed Snowy Bear. In a way today was the same. I brought him to a small, old fashioned toy store and watched him wonder about and play with the goodies. Based on the things he wanted to open the most/made him giggle the loudest, I picked out a few things. It's funny, they are really the exact things we'd spoke of getting him anyway....a musical instrument set, a couple puppets, and a set of beautiful handmade wooden cars. Now I'm so excited for Christmas! He's going to thrilled!

Okay dokay...I think that's all the random, gushy, mushy thoughts a girl can have for one day. Every post needs at least one photo so I'll leave you with Teddy modeling his new shirt from cousin Dashiell. That smile just makes me giggle....a bit of a Dennis the Menace! A glance at what's to come Kel Bel! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bennington Potters

I've been so excited to share a few treasures Judy and I bought during our trip to Bennington! We arrived in Vermont to find our vacation home stacked with gorgeous, deliciously unique pottery. Lovely little potter's stamps indicated they were made right there in Bennington.

Ironically, without even telling each other, we both set off on separate journey's one afternoon to track down a place to purchase the local pottery. Judy successfully came back with a few pieces and then later we purchased more together. As we dug into the history of Bennington Potters we learned pottery was one of the first economic livelihoods of the area. Produced using local clay deposits during the Revolutionary War, it became one of the things to put Bennington on the map. How interesting is that....and the crockery is beautiful to boot!

I've found a way to use my new pieces every night since we've been home...even when it means eating stew out of batter bowls. :)

And desserts bake beautifully in the thick-walled pans!

The pottery is one of those true treasures, I'll love even more in years to come. Timeless cookware with memories of family and our time out east.

Blowing you all big brownie kisses.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

kin folk

Last week we had such a WONDERFUL time with Ryan's family. We went to Teddy's music class together, made yummy meals, role played barnyard friends, and even went swimming! The highlight was ending our stint with a beautiful weekend in Vermont. Since I'm pretty positive most of my lovely blog readers are also my friends on Facebook, you've probably seen the Vermont photos so I won't post more. Below though, is cute photo of Darrel and I with Teddy at music class.

There is absolutely nothing more dear to our hearts than family. This visit was extra special too because Alissa also came with Jake. It was such a wonderful gift to spend an entire weekend together! Even though we make it home to Minnesota often, Ryan and I miss our parents quite a bit. Lately we tend to talk about how much our little monkey enjoys his Grandparents, but the fact is, we think they're the best too :) It was really special to have them all here with us.

I'll end with the sweetest little swimming video. Teddy's adored best friend (who conveniently also happens to be his Grandfather) was trying to teach him to blow out when he ducks his mouth in the water. Swimming alongside them, I thought he was doing so well. Upon video review though we can tell he was really doing more sucking in, then blowing it out! Too funny! Such a little Turkey. :)