Friday, December 18, 2009

our owl family

Special thank you to Kelly for the new Alcott Family Blog banner! I told her of my vision for an owl family, and off she ran creating the fabulous image completely herself. It came out so stinkin' cute! For my birthday a few weeks ago she also sent me this adorable tote I'd had my eye on over at Etsy. Pretty great friend, aye?!

I've had a thing for owls lately. I told Ryan about it a few months ago, and he said "Really?! Me too!" Theodore, who would prefer to be a night owl himself, also appreciates the nocturnal animals. One day I heard him making "hoo hoo hoo" noises in his room. I went in, and there he sat, an open book before him, looking at an owl. I'd no idea he knew how to mimic their hauntingly beautiful sounds.

To bring our infatuation full circle, we saw a Great Horned Owl at our land over Thanksgiving. Growing up, Ryan said the birds were common, but they haven't seen as many in recent years. So beautiful to know they are still in the area and living on our land. Definitely seems to seal the deal, we are owl people.

One wise old owl to another.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a must read

If you haven't yet read this book yet, go pick it up asap! It's so worthy of your time. I promise.

{A recommendation I've been meaning to share for months!}

Monday, December 14, 2009

a year and a half

Saturday was Teddy's 18 month birthday! Below are two videos, one taken last year at this time and then another from Saturday night. How much he has changed in a year! Ryan and I had a blast watching these last night, such laughter and joy this lil' guy brings into our lives.

Theodore Ryan Alcott: 6 mth b-day weekend

Theodore Ryan Alcott: 18 mth b-day weekend

Friday, December 11, 2009

silent night

Many mornings, as we slowly ease our way into the day, TLC is softly on in the background. Teddy and I've fallen in love with the oh so sweet Pampers commercial playing for the holiday season. I wish you could see Teddy Bear's face when it comes on. He's usually playing on the kitchen floor, but he springs up when he hears the music and rushes into the living room. He watches the babies with such a serious and studious expression, as if to say "You sleep too?"

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. Stay in, mail some cards, avoid the malls.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

fridge finds

Last December, Theodore was just a tiny mite during the Christmas season. Other than all the hustle and bustle, I don't think he noticed anything out of the ordinary.

So this year I've been bound and determined to help him understand the wonderfulness of Christmas. We've spent the week giggling at snowmen, listening to Bing Crosby on repeat, and pointing out every Christmas tree within walking distance. This morning though, Ryan really helped to pump up the volume with an introduction to Santa Claus.

Teddy's daddy likes to leave little treasures strewn about the house for him to find. Today he surprised us both with a fun fridge greeting from Old Saint Nick. Teddy spotted it as soon as he walked out of the bedroom. So now it's all about Santa. We've done so many Ho ho ho's, I think I got an upper abdominal workout. We talked about the difference between Santa and "At" (Grandpa) more than once. We've even put Teddy's mittens on a handful of times so he could stand next to Claus and chuckle at their parallel attire. Yep, I think he's going to be quite excited to meet Santa in the coming weeks and eventually leave out treats for him on Christmas Eve. My sweet baby.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

before the snow, we had four-wheelers

Rumor has it, Minnesota got snow! Woohoo! We got a big dumping in Albany last night too! It's a beautiful morning. We'll go out and play soon.

The last couple days Teddy has been missing Minnesota. When we first returned to NY he was beside himself with glee and excitement, now that's wore off a bit. He talks about "At" (his name for all the Grandparents) and loves looking at photos of them. Poor pumpkin, we'll be back in MN for Christmas soon! This morning I remembered a video I took of him using the children's four-wheeler. I'm excited to show it to him and thought you might enjoy it too!

PS A big welcome home to the Dynamic D's! We missed you over Thanksgiving and can't wait for Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 things

photo via weheartit

1. Ryan and I are buying our first house! It is my childhood home. We've been swimming in the process for months, and honestly we're still a ways from completion...but, I'm staying positive! Maybe saying it aloud will send out speedy transaction energy into the universe. It's been a special, and crazy, and difficult experience that I'll share more about soon!

2. The same small town in which we will soon be home owners, now has a commuter rail line connecting it to Minneapolis! GO GREEN!....and take the Alcott trio with you (we'll ride in the Caboose).

3. After nearly 6 months in Albany we've finally discovered a good pizza joint. Inferno was yummy yummy delicious and had an chewy authenticity we've not found since NYC.

4. Big, thick, beautiful snowflakes are falling as I write. Our first New England snowfall. My sweet baby is down for a nap. My loving partner is at work. Pot Roast is in the slow cooker. The three of us will eat together tonight. Lovely.

5. I've now officially written over 100 blog posts! Yipee! When I started this blog last January, I had no idea what a therapeutic, gentle, sweet community I would encounter. It's been a wonderful experience. :)

Opps...correction: Upon closer inspection I realized I've written over a 100 posts if you count the drafts (posts started, but never published). I still have 7 more published posts to go.... I'll have to get excited again in a few weeks! ; )

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

smarty pants

I wanted to carve out a little time tonight to share a photo of our happy little boy. We're still in Minnesota and he's been having such a lovely week. Spoiled rotten with lots of G & G love. He's been changing and growing so much too! Today alone, the lil' pumpkin said five new words! Out popped, "tree, ball, red, blue, and Grandpa"! Can you believe it?!? Five words in one day!

I read that around eighteen months toddlers have a speech burst, suddenly everything connects and the words start to pour out. I think he's definitely entering that stage, in the two previous days he also said "Elmo" and "wolf" for the first time! My heart just melts with each new word. His little voice is the sweetest sound in the whole world.

Hugs from us to you.