Thursday, November 11, 2010

our new home


Oh My! I can hardly believe it's been nearly a month since my last posting! We've been busy bees working, getting ready for baby, AND purchasing our first HOUSE! We closed on October 22nd and have slowly been moving things in, making small renovations (mostly painting, wall/ceiling repair, etc.), and doing some yard work. It's a character-filled 1925 farmhouse. Originally set on 60 acres, the section we purchased was at some point broken off into 5 acres. Our 5 acres is still surrounded by the remaining 55 acres of undisturbed, uninhabited land. Very fun!


The beautiful barn is one of our favorite things about the property. When you sit in the kitchen, the windows face it's huge facade and create such a feeling of serenity and solitude. It's wonderful.


We also envision many afternoons spent rocking on the adorable, white swing. Theodore (in his 2-year old glory) is already terribly possessive of the it, so Ry and I take our turns during nap time.

The holiday season and birth of our sweet second is fast approaching and with it more busyness, but we feel such peace being in our new home. The last four years of traveling have been wonderful and allowed us to explore many new places, but we've long been in need of a home base for our little family. This place is home.


  1. love. loVE. LOVE!!! you and the house! :)

  2. Thanks girls. We love it so much too. We really, really do.

    Completely random side note for Ali: Last night I heard the song "Lost in the Moment" (Big and Rich) and got all teary thinking of you and Jake and the big day this summer. I've heard the song only about a million times before and always found it a little waaa waaa, but for some reason (maybe sensitive pregnancy heart?)I was feeling so emotional/excited/happy for you two last night! Oh my goodness, I'm going to be a mess at the wedding!