Wednesday, January 19, 2011

silly smiles

silly smiles collage

This is what I get these days when I ask my two-year old to pose for a photo. He's completely incapable of a normal smile. In no way is he trying to be funny, it's just his little brain can't recreate an authentic smile if it isn't the real deal. Hi. lar. i. ous.

What was Teddy Ryan up to you ask, looking so very adorable? We were getting ready to leave for music class this morning. We recently joined a Kindermusik class near our home and are enjoying it immensely. Teddy has grown leaps and bounds from our Music Together days in New York. No longer quite so little, he's now able to follow directions well and he simply adores his teacher. It warms my heart to be there with him, watching him sing, dance, and love on all his little classmates. There's no doubt about it, that little man has wings and he's going to soar. (Especially when he uses his real smile!)


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