Monday, July 20, 2009

a county fair

Following months of diligent practice, Teddy heard barnyard animal noises first-hand on Saturday at the Saratoga County Fair. The pigs were an oinkin' and the cows a mooin'! Teddy couldn't believe his eyes (and ears), he was stunned silent to realize that the animals we read about are actual real things...and they even take visitors!

To be honest he seemed pretty frightened of the pigs. I tired to help him hold onto the gate so he could stare down himself, but he started shaking.

The horses were a completely different story. He loved them, especially when they trotted.

Even more fascinating than the animals were the cars, trucks, and general engine noise. The tractor and truck pulls made him giddy with excitement. Have I mentioned lately how he is completely, madly, utterly in love with trucks?!?

In honor of his obsession, mama and pumpkin went on his very first carnival ride. A dump truck merry-go-round.

The last hour of the fair was spent staring at and touching the enormous wheels of the Massey-Ferguson tractors. I'm pretty sure he would have been happy to do that for the entire day.....

(to my teddy: thank you for a smile soaked weekend. you make us lusciously full.)

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  1. So he's not a pig baby? Once he's introduced to Charolette's Web this will all change. :-)