Wednesday, July 29, 2009

garbage gems

Old TV stand, turned end table that a neighbor left out for the garbage.

This hobby of sorts started back in Minneapolis. When Lindsey and I lived together we had we had a lovely little alley off the back of our house. It was there we noticed the neighbors would leave out perfectly good items for the garbage man to haul away. Linds suggested we nab the treasures. At the time "retrieve and reuse" was new to me and I remember being a little skeptical (or disgusted) by the idea. However, as time has passed, I've changed my views.

As of current, Ry and I have rescued three furniture items and one full set of golf clubs from certain demise. The lamp and side table are really nothing special, but they served a need in Teddy's room. The third piece of furniture though, really makes my heart palpitate. We managed to drag home an old, vintage-feeling green leather chair. It sits on rollers, a fact that combined with the style seems to indicate its from the 70's. Bodacious.

Our official chair model. Greta was jealous that Omar appeared in the blog last Friday. She wanted a turn.

Push pin detailing.

So the garbage scavenging along with the graveyard strolls should be enough to make us sound like such a lovely family. Ry's not worried about it. He and Big Bertha are out hitting the green.


  1. This made me laugh to hard (the big bertha part!) but believe me when I say I am green with envy about that chair!

  2. oh Kates, this made me smile. To this day I still love scouring through used/thrown away belongings to see what treasures I can find. I love the green chair!