Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Riggin' the day away

This morning Teddy and I noticed a huge truck and a fun little golf cart parked outside the office. We quickly put on our shoes and headed over to take a closer look. Just as Teddy started squirming to get behind the wheel of the golf cart, an apartment manager came out and asked if he would like to drive. We said SURE! So Teddy and I got to sit behind the wheel, with our new friend in the passenger seat as we zoomed all about the community. Baby bear was in heaven! Wind in his hair, driving a funny little car on a beautiful fall day.

When we arrived back at the office our manager chum asked if Teddy would like to climb up into the big rig and take a look...of course! I thought he might be a little scared of the size and height, but nope not a bit.

Two simple little acts of sweetness on the part of the part of the manager, but they made our day! By the time we got to the big rig, I even remembered that I happened to have my camera. What luck!

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