Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Minnesota Children's Museum

I'm a huge Children's Museum fan. Throughout our travels we've frequented many and let me say that Minnesota Children's Museum is the BEST! (Should I mention the worst? Okay, I will. Albany. Don't waste your time little mamas.) Last fall, I ventured to MCM with Theodore for the first time. At a mere 15 months, I wasn't sure how well he'd be able to interact with the different activities and displays. I knew they had a toddler exhibit though, so if everything else turned out to be a bit much I planned on hunkering down there. In all honesty, even for a one year-old nearly all the exhibits turned out to be a blast! I took Teddy back to the museum last week for a return visit, and oh my if I thought he enjoyed it the first time...he REALLY loved it at 2 years old. Above are two photos from the two different trips. Can't get over that drool soaked shirt in the first one! Thank heavens, the faucet has finally turned off!

Fake or real, he's smelling the flowers. (15 mths)

Rooftop garden. Complete with sandbox and fresh produce for the little ones to eat! (25 mths)

A wee bit older, but interest in driving the bus hasn't waned.

Teddy Ryan and Grandma Alcott (15 mths)

Grocery shopping. (25 mths)

Notice that even his shoulders would get wet in those days!! Poor pumpkin!

In the dog house. ;-)

Different ages. Same big eyes.

The Twin Cities (really, Minnesota in general) is such a great place for families. We're so thankful for all the time we've spent there this summer!

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  1. I love the comparisons of then and now. He does have the same big handsome eyes. Can't wait till little Sam can enjoy outings to a museum!