Thursday, February 3, 2011

fort carson

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Jack with his Godparents, Alissa and Jake. Photo taken by Julie Prairie.

Exciting news in the Alcott family! Ryan's sister, Alissa and her fiancé, Jake received news of their first post following Jake's graduation from the West Point this spring. Our favorite couple will be off to Fort Carson, Colorado! Woohoo! This location was their top choice and they're thrilled with the news, as is the rest of the family. Who doesn't love to visit Colorado?!? Below Jack is showing his support and camaraderie by wearing his military fatigues. The littlest cadet loves his auntie and uncle very much.


12 collage

I imagine Jack is celebrating with his Godparents in the photos. In the first he's saying "Oh yea, I knew they'd get a good spot!" In the second he's starting a celebration dance. In the third photo he regains his composure and tries to play it cool. In the last photo though he can't help, but grin again in excitement. :-)

The very best of best wishes in Colorado, Jake and Alissa. Our family loved Colorado Springs! We have so many special memories of the months we spent there. I'm positive you will too!

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  1. Ohhhh I LOVE his hair and his little smirk in the last photo! How exciting for Alissa and Jake. I heart military families forever.