Thursday, February 17, 2011

pink, red, and purple (the month of love)

The hand of the little love artist: Theodore Ryan

Monday was St. Valentines Day. Teddy spread the love by making hearts for some of his favorites. I was given the working title of support person (or in toddler jargon, "Don't help!") by the aspiring artist. So with my own hands tied, I was impressed with how well Teddy used his. Like everything in life, he took the project seriously and worked diligently until complete.

val boy1

Once he finished the hearts, we made a love list together of the things little bear loves on the day of love. He rambled each item off confidently, without hesitation. The child knows his heart well.


I was touched when he said the last item. It feels like ages since my flower enthusiast frolicked among the blossoms. I heart his memory.

And in case you're wondering about item three. These are the sort he's referring to...


Hope your hearts are filled with all the love you. could. possibly. wish. for. and your hands have been smudged with the colors of February. Sending you off with not just one x and o, but one billion.

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