Tuesday, March 29, 2011

potty training


Serious potty training is underway at the Alcott abode! We've long suspected Teddy capable of shedding the nappy. He'd not gone number 2 in it for months, but his little brain wasn't making the connection for number 1. So last Tuesday we tried a new tactic and dove in head first! Rather than continuing to wait for him to initiate, we bought him big boy undies, and said now you have to use the potty for pees...and wouldn't you know it, he's doing just that (with a little M&M incentive)!

That's not to say we've been without stumbles. If our little man is upset or playing outside he's prone to an accident. Plus he gets annoyed having to freeze fun all the time to use the loo. What's a bit of a chore now, will be habit in no time. He's just so darn adorable walking around in unders, I can't help but giggle each time I see him. The photo below is potty training day 2, as you can see he's already had enough with the photos. :-)


Sappy side note: Our dear Mr. Alcott is in Tulsa for the week. No matter how often he travels, days just aren't complete without our love. And believe you me, one big heart and two little hearts overfloweth with love for that man.

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