Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jack's room

big boy crib

Last night dear little Jack slept in his own bedroom for the first time. His first three months were spent in our room, either snuggled right in bed with us or tucked in the bassinet. And although a beautiful time, we were ready to reclaim our night time sanctuary. He did wonderful on his first night, sleeping solid from 8pm to 2:30am, waking for a quick feeding, then sleeping again until 6am when we started the day. I'm so proud of our new solo sleeper!

Here's a peek at Jack's newly completed bedroom. We went simple, hopefully creating a feeling of calm? ;-) The illustrations on the wall are from a Little Bear book circa 1961. I disassembled it and framed a few of our favorite images.

room collagelittle bear collage

After a good night sleep, the boys are spending the morning on yard work. Nothing that can be taken too serious with Teddy Bear at your side. Wishing you all a restful weekend as well!

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  1. Teddy's raking skills are just about as good as mine. I love the brief appearance of the moth too! Love you guys!