Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wagon rulers of the world


Spring has sprung in Minnesota and I've been overcome with gratitude for our new (old) home. It feels so good to be here. The boys are in heaven. Explore. Explore. Explore. The land continues to reveal its treasures to us. The pine forest tucked behind the house was a wonderland in the winter, the canopy thick with snow. Now the needle covered ground makes for fantastic walks and a soft spot to land for a running Teddadore. The open grassland behind the barn is also a family favorite. Teddy calls it the meadow or pasture. Endearing farm terminology he reads in his books and now applies to his "farm". Grandpa Alcott sent him home with a wagon the other day and now we've been wagon riding everywhere. Wagon rulers of the world, Teddy says. I like that.

So here you have it... The Alcott Boys: Wagon Rulers of the World!
collage 1collage 2

Despite his tender age, Jack too loves being the king of his own little world. His biggest nemesis? A gust of wind. They not only take his breath away, but quite literally make his arms rise up and shake.


Here's to hoping both of our boys continue to rule this beautiful land with a gentle gaze of awe and wonder in their eyes.


Can you see that on the back of both their little noggins, the hair just wants to stick straight up?! How in heavens did they get such hair?!

Nonetheless, happy trails little red wagon rulers.


  1. I LOVE this post! Such cute boys, and such silly silly hair :)
    p.s. you have amazing writing skills!

  2. I love this post too. The pictures of your special boys makes me smile. I love how Jack is startled by the wind. I remember when Sammy would get startled every time I turned on a faucet. The hair picture is great. Savor these wagon days :)