Wednesday, February 18, 2009

all things galena

our time in galena has nearly come to an end. it is a lovely city and we truly had a memorable experience. ryan successfully completed his first power plant outage project. he learned a ton and feels confident about the work adventures ahead. it was fantastic to experience another new place, but as always we look forward to coming home...because well, there is just no place like home.

two cool things about galena that i haven't mentioned before:
1. president ulysses s. grant lived here. his home is now a museum.
2. the dress scarlet o'hara made out of the velvet green curtains is also in a museum here in town....and that may just be a contender for my favorite things about galena!
let me preface the photos below with an apology. it is waaay too many photos for one posting! i wasn't sure if i should create a seperate photo album of galena pictures or just post them on the blog....the blog seemed easiest!
in town:

at home:

at the park:

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  1. Galena looks super cute! What a charming little house you live in. My favorite pic is of ryan teaching teddy how to sweep. I've always said start em' young!