Thursday, February 19, 2009

the irregular thumb sucker

unlike most moms, i was thrilled when teddy took a hankering to, "the good ol' thumb." the first three months of his life pacifiers were encouraged, only to have them tossed from his stroller like cig butts from passing motorists. the thumb, we thought, was a solution! an attached comfort device. frankly, i was thrilled to find something he liked besides, i didn't care a bit when strangers came up to me at the store to say, "oh no, you've got a thumb sucker there. you know that's hard habit to break." stories of little boys and girls who sucked long past toddlerhood and ended up with buck teeth also did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. as long as my teddy bear had a way to calm himself and feel merry all on his own, i was as happy as a peach.

all continued to go well until last week. thumb sucking suddenly slowed to a halt. so here is the latest scenario: new crib time antics, both sitting and standing up, (two separate feats he accomplished in the same week) is leading to difficulty sleeping when sleeping is in order. every time he wakes up, he immediately springs into a sitting position grunting and huffing as he works himself into a stance (I watched him do it through the crack in the door.) sleep is by the wayside while he makes sure that indeed, "yes, i still know how to stand!" while upright, however, it appears he becomes scared, starts crying, and flops himself back onto the mattress. one would think he should be fine, he is back into sitting position so he can easily lie down and catch a few more zzz's...after all it is 2:30 in the morning. nope, he is still so upset by the whole episode that he continues crying until mom arrives on the scene to nurse. since the thumb is mysteriously done...

"teddy, would you like a delicious, green, super cool, pacifier to try....again?"

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