Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the next gene kelly

when johnny and i were children we loved to sing in the bathtub. i remember scrubbing his back while we sang,"singin' in the tub. oh, i'm singin' in the tub. just singin' in the tub." all to the beat of "singin' in the rain".

teddy too, is turning out to be quite the little bath time vocalist. there are specific times of the day that we normally sing. before breakfast we put on old show tunes, sing and spin in circles. during baths we usually hit up some of classics from sesame street or go back to the days of "singin' in the tub". before bed (my very favorite) we sing country classics and bluegrass. lately, if something interrupts that routine, teddy takes on the singing himself. he has gotten so funny about it! we will be upstairs nursing before bed, and if i stop singing for a second he starts making up his own ditties. nursing and relaxation will be completely interrupted as he works himself up into anthem! not long ago ryan was the one bathing him and disappointingly he forgot to sing. it didn't take teddy long to make do for himself! i managed to get this short video of him:

he is just such a sweet heart! he thrives on routine and loves knowing what to expect...even the little things like singing together :) i know teddy's favorite part of bath time is the melodies. my favorite part is right afterwords when i have a little baby boy, giggly because he is sleepy, all sung-out, and smelling like he was sent straight from heaven. i caught him last night fresh out with the photo below.


  1. ohhh he is so cute!!!!!!! you need to post more videos!