Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just one of the guys

Only a couple weeks after Teddy was born it was clear how very much he loved his daddy. As time passed the pro bro bias spread to include all the great men in his life.

These days you can always find Teddy drifting toward the grandpas, uncles, or cousins at family gatherings. When he was a baby we assumed there was a feeling of security in their big arms and solid embrace, or maybe he just prefered the sound of a male voice... Now I'm quite sure he likes the engines they gather around, but whatever the reason, he is a happy dude just hanging out and being one of the guys.

At music class only one of the accompanying parents is a man. This lucky daddy has adorable twin girls vying for both attention and lap space during class. Unfortunately, my child also has a fondness for the music padre. Today, Teddy spent most of class sitting at close range and flashing big grins whenever much desired eye contact was achieved. At one point, when his own girls were away for a moment, Teddy charged over to him full speed in hopes that it was finally his turn to be held. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem overly excited by the affections (or demands) of yet another toddler, so Ted hasn't had much success with the newly chosen surrogate.

I guess it's time for our little gappy-toothed jack-o-lantern to realize that not every stranger wants to snuggle against his saliva soaked shirts. I assured him on the ride home though that his daddy would most definitely still have a spot open on his dance card.

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