Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a special visitor

The Alcott trio was so blessed to have my dearest friend and godmother to Theodore come out and stay with us last weekend. Lindsey took 4 full days away from her "busy as a bee" schedule to spend the weekend with us in Albany. How very, very sweet of her to share her time with us. Although we see each other every few months, each drawn home to MN for family holidays, there was an extra special element nurtured by having her all to ourselves for a few days.

She got to see Teddy in all of his toddler glory. She helped chase, corral, feed, and entertain. She helped kiss, laugh, and love. And in return he grew to love her. Little ones are still so funny at this age, quick to shy into the nook of mama around someone they don't know well. That eased as the weekend progressed and by Monday he was his normal, playful self. Now of course that she is gone, he is even more smitten! He hasn't stopped looking at a picture I put up of the two of them since she left. He goes over, beams at it, and then looks down the stairs at the front door...unmistakably missing his Auntie Lindsey.

That is my most cherished gift from the weekend. That Teddy now truly knows and recognizes his Godmother. Linds and I, of course, had lovely girl time also. Our relationship too, was watered.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! I enjoyed all the pics you put up on facebook.

  2. Ohhhh Katie! such a sweet sweet post. I have taken with me many wonderful memories from the four days... from singing in your car, watching Teddy take a bath, getting "lost(ish)" in Yonkers, exploring NYC's many neighborhoods, and cooking/eating up a storm. Thank you again for everything. I love you!