Wednesday, September 16, 2009

music class

This morning Theodore had his first baby music class! After 10 days of a terrible cold, I wasn't sure he'd make it, but he woke up feeling better so we hopped in the car and headed off to school! He is taking classes through the Music Together program. Back in my nanny days I'd been involved in a similar class in Minneapolis and absolutely loved it! As soon as Teddy was old enough I began to seek out the classes again...thankfully I found a whole program here in Albany!

Teddy LOVED class this morning. It's the two of us along with five other little ones and their grown-ups. ; ) We sit in a circle, in the middle of a dance studio, surrounded by mirrors reflecting the smiling faces and giggles of toddlers. We sing songs, dance, play musical instruments, wave a huge colorful parachute.... pure sweetness. At first Teddy was very shy, sitting on my lap and snuggling into my chest. About half-way through the class though he got up and began exploring (yet too timid for actual dancing). Soon he was shaking his tambourine like a mad man, and clearly making attempts at singing along. I think he is going to really enjoy our new Wednesday morning routine!

Here is short video I found by Music Together, it's very much what we did. I'm sure I won't be able to take video in his actual class and post it, as that would inevitably involve other people's children. Darn! :)

Happy rhythms sweet swayers.

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