Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kitty strife

Our human child is under the hilarious assumption that he is a cat. Although he loves Omar and Greta (our furry felines), they've also fittingly developed a sort of sibling rivalry. If the cats are playing with the squishy ball, Teddy wants to play with the exact ball. If Teddy's cuddling on my lap, Omar will stand 2 ft away meowing incessantly waiting for his turn to be held. The photos below demonstrate the situation. O and T are in combat over the box.

Clearly, they enjoy the same sort of games.


  1. kyle will enjoy watching that video when he gets home. he loves playing laser with the cats and will be excited to try it out on our baby someday too.

  2. Bahhaha! I actually thought to myself, "is it okay to post a video of Theodore chasing a laser?" Maybe it's weird to encourage such games? Au contraire! The Schulz's are inspired!

  3. This is not weird at all. What do you think parents did before the invention of toys??!! They played with lasers!