Wednesday, January 6, 2010

home from the holidays

We are finally back in New York after a wonderful holiday break in Minnesota! Well, most of it was wonderful. Theodore did get a pretty nasty ear infection and Ryan did a lot of scurrying back and forth across the country, but all in all it was a great holiday.

Highlights of our time at home:

1.) First night back in Minnesota, cuddled up in bed, staring out at the soft, still, snow-covered lake. The shoreline alive with the swaying shadows of leafless branches dancing in the yard.

2.) Decorating yummy cookies at my dad's house with he and his wife, Maria. My brother and I managed to quietly slip through childhood without ever decorating Christmas cookies so it was a treat (no pun intended) to start this tradition. Note to Self: For at least the next couple years Teddy may be better utilized as a cookie taste tester rather than cookie decorator.

3.) Having my husband home for four days in a row! He'd worked every single day since Thanksgiving, so when I picked him up at the new train station on the 23rd we were SO EXCITED! Four full uninterrupted days together! Teddy's ear infection also fell over that time so it was a Godsend to have him home with us.

4.) Completing my first quilt. Over Thanksgiving I started a quilt for Kelly's growing bambino. With lots of support from my wonderful in-law's, I finished just in time for her shower. It was a challenging project...picking out fabrics, deciding on placement, but it was so fun! I also got to spend lots of time with my lovely mother-in-law as she patiently gave tips, helped re thread the bobbin, and simply kept me company during a few late nights. A special project for a baby that is already so loved and fantastic time spent learning the craft with Ryan's mom.

5.) Helping to host Kelly's shower. We tried to create a vintage theme centered around old family china, teacups, platters, table clothes, and aprons. All the guests wore an apron and we talked about all the ways they can be used by a dry little hands, wipe away a tears, or hide a shy child. It all came together beautifully and everyone seemed to have a great time! Most importantly, it was a special day set aside to celebrate mother and baby as they are much too far away from us most of the time.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday season too! I did want to mention, I finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society over Christmas and found it to be such a charming story. If you haven't read it yet, go pick it up!

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  1. The quilt is so beautiful! I would love to do a whole nursery theme centered around it. How cute would a crib bumper with that material be! Thank you again friend!