Monday, February 22, 2010

ice ice baby

photo via flicker by beige alert

While visiting the homeland a couple weeks ago, Theodore had his very first ice fishing experience . How perfectly Minnesotan, right?! What does one do in the middle of winter? Go ice fishing! He comes from a long line of men who love to fish. When I was younger, my dad went on a big trip each year to Lake of the Woods and we all know Ryan would spend every day on the lake if life would just allow it. Somehow, the fun of hanging out in a snow-covered shack, on a frozen lake, in sub-zero temps didn't allude my little one either, he had a blast!

Rumors circling the area report an excellent fisherman on the rise. Teddy was noted for keeping a close eye on the minnow bucket, always ready to scoop out the bait for an empty hook. Unfortunately a few wiggly swimmers perished upon removal from the net. It seems Teddy's grip was a bit on the firm side. What can I say, the boy doesn't mess around. Thankfully, it didn't take long to get a few sunnies in the bucket.... not so easy to smoosh.

How is it that Teddy is already old enough to go fishing with his Daddy?! Where did my little baby go? Watch your back new mommies, it's true what they say....the first year goes way too fast and the second feels like a split second in time.

I took these photos as Teddy was heading out on his big adventure. When Ryan saw them, he said Theodore looked just like me. A remark that immediately warmed my heart. It must be how dark his eyes appear? Maybe the eyebrows? Not sure, but whatever it is...I like it!

Ry promised to build this ice house for the Alcott trio. We're going to take our minnow-loving son and go camp for a good bit. Maybe my father-in-law will even have the pup to send with us for the weekend?

May Monday rock your snow shoes off little snow angels.


  1. VERY sweet blog Katie, made me smile from ear to ear. :)

  2. Definitely think it's the eyebrows/eyes lady. :-)