Wednesday, February 3, 2010

tuckered out

Bath done, time to hit the hay!

The Aloctt trio has been pretty exhausted this week. We've been on a month long crazy work stint, with Ryan closing out another 90 hour work week last Sunday. Plus all three of us have the inevitable winter cold/sore throat. Needless to say, we're mentally and physically pooped. We've been sound asleep by nine each night. On Sunday though we're coming home to MN. Ryan never used his vacation time last year, so we have 2 weeks worth that needs to be used by April. We're planning on taking one next week, with Ry and I slipping away for a few days up north. Then in March we'll take another week and work on the house we're still in the process of buying.

So despite my urge to curl up and sleep while Teddy takes his nap, I decided to take a moment and tell you what a smarty pants he's been this week! On Monday he literally said about twenty new words in one day! Okay let me think.... pig, backpack, van, hammer, lion, penguin...are just a few that popped out. He also started putting words together, saying things like "Mama's nose or Teddy's mouth." We're so impressed! Another huge accomplishment that just happened was he started saying Greta's name. He has said Omar's name for some time now, but never Greta. He usually just called her Omar too. I wasn't even sure he knew the difference. Nope! He definitely knew because once he got her name to come out, he called her about 50 times, never mixing the two up again. He's obsessed now. When he wakes up, he immediately calls for her. I have to get it on video, the way he says her name is so stinkin' sweet.

Friends for life!

Green-eyed Greta girl.

I can't wait to share him with you all when we're home! Sending lots of love on this mid-week day!

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  1. Cute pic of little Greta! You definitely need to post another video soon.