Friday, February 19, 2010

until Easter

* sunset at 20 acre marsh
exuding the purple hues of Lent

Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent and despite the fasting and self-denial associated with the forty days leading up to Easter, it's always been one of my favorite seasons in the Christian calendar. The quietness and reflection are a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of ordinary time.

Growing up, my family participated in most Roman Catholic Lenten traditions. Wednesday evenings were spent at Stations of the Cross and Fridays spent abstaining from meat. We would also "give up" an activity or food for the whole season in remembrance of all Christ gave for us. Twice Johnny and I gave up television, one year it was sleepovers with friends (a penance that left Lindsey devastated), and many years it was sweets. My cousins and I would often babble about whose sacrifices were "tough" and whose were "too easy!" Gossip fueling each of us to abstain from food or festivities that were actually difficult to release.

As I became a young adult, I worried less about impressing my cousins and more about pleasing the Lord. I didn't want my offerings to be effortless, after all, He would know if it was a true sacrifice or something that didn't matter much to me anyway. This year I had a terrible time deciding what to give up for Lent.

Thankfully, since returning to New York our days have been veiled in a peaceful hush allowing for reflection. I decided to "give up" the 2 hours during Teddy's nap to do meaningful, family-focused activities. Typically I tend to waste at least a hour of his nap time on Facebook or browsing Craigslist. That time is now set aside for dinner prep, exercising, cleaning, praying, writing, reading, even napping if that's what my body needs. Only the first few days have passed, but I'm already feeling more connected to my family and my faith. I've finally found the moments to write in Theodore's diary again. I feel like I've regained my evenings with Ryan, with the household chores finished by the time he arrives home, and most importantly I've set aside time to complete whatever my spirit needs.....different and personal each day. The greatness of that hour already seems so evident and I still have 37 days to go! Imagine the possibilities.

So after lots of ideas from my husband, brother, and best friends that is where I landed this year. I'm still eating chocolate, still watching television (how FABULOUS are the Olympics!?!), and still available for a sleepover with my besties (can we continue to have those at 27?)...but I'm no longer on Facebook between 2-4pm. :)

Happy weekend my loves.


  1. That is such a great idea! Giving up internet time would be a big struggle for me. I wish we lived close enough to have sleepovers still.

  2. I believe sleepovers are allowed at any age. I wish I had your dedication with Lent Katie. I broke my "no candy" the Thursday after Lent. Yes, I lasted one day.