Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter in the Catskills

The Alcott trio arrived back in Albany following a wonderful weekend in the Catskill Mountains. We left last Friday to meet my cousin and her adorable brood for the Easter holiday. The Cook family lives in Pennsylvania so we picked a half-way spot, found a gorgeous old farm to rent, and had a blast!

The Cook boys: Joey, Tommy, and Jude
That dark-haired cutie on the left is my Godchild. :)

Daddy bear/Baby bear.

A hike with Mr. Alcott.

Looking for Teddy? Check the barn.

Jude may be in there too.

Emily with her sweet little one.

Handsome Alcott angler.

Fisherman of the hour.

Rick, Tommy, Sam, and Ryan.

Worm scavengers.


Checking out the chickens.

Friends forever.

Mail call.

It sure is good... be together.

The last week of April we will be leaving New York. Ryan's project here is coming to a close. The trip to the mountains with my most favorite cousin was an awesome way to spend one of our last weekends here. There is no greater gift than time together.


  1. Looks like you guys had an AMAZING weekend. It was soo fun to see these photos!

  2. Looks like the perfect vacation spot for little boys to do their exploring!

  3. Maybe I should move to Pennsylvania... I LOVE old farm! and with a creek!!! so very fun!