Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh happy day

blurry baby.

Teddy Ryan has grown and changed so much in the last few weeks. I want to wrap my arms around, hold on tight, and float in his sweetness. A few bites of random yumminess to share:

1.) I've never written about Poohka Louka, but you may remember a blog post last summer with photos of Teddy holding onto his white blanket lamb...? Well, that little lambie is T's most adored friend. A baptismal gift from Auntie Diane, Teddy hasn't gone to bed without it...ever. Poohka has to be washed at least twice a week due to all the sucking on his ears and arms during the night. The thing is pretty disgusting. We've been so nervous that Poohka would get lost one day that I had extras sent to us in New York, just in case. The "new" Poohkas were never a hit though, he'd smile at them and then happily reach for his old smelly, fur-matted chum.

On Monday all that changed. It was moments before nap and Poohka was no where to be found. Gasp, I know! I checked every nook and crannie in our small apartment to no avail. Oh heavens, I thought, how in the world can I put Teddy down for a nap without Poohks? Thankfully, he understood Poohka was missing and was on the hunt with me. When we realized he wasn't going to turn up before naptime, I pulled out the new Poohkas, along with a couple other blankies and told Teddy he needed to pick a new Poohka for nap today. And get this....HE DID! No tears, no crying. He just reached out and took one of the new Poohkies, brought the brand-new arm into his mouth and off to bed he went. Smooth as silk. I couldn't believe it. I thought we were going to have a disaster on our hands....but nope, he dealt with the change wonderfully. He must be getting older! :)

(Side note: Last summer one of my most favorite mommy bloggers wrote this post about her son's "Poohkie". I was totally giggly at the similar situations.)

Woofta, that first "tidbit" turned out to be so long! I'll keep the others under control. ; )

2.) Teddy started using the word "have" yesterday. Huge development because with the word comes actual sentences. Yesterday's sentence was "Ganpa (spelling like he says it) have a farmall tractor." We were so impressed! This morning he used the new verb again by saying "Geta Ousies (translation: Greta Lousies) have geen-eyes. Why yes, she does! LOVE the new vocab!

3.) This morning he also started to really enjoy board puzzles for the first time. We received a lot of puzzles last year at Christmas, but he'd struggled in understanding the goal. Today, it clicked. We sat on the living room floor as he whipped through puzzle after puzzle. No prob. Down pat folks.

4.) Teddy is about to have a new friend! My dear kindred spirit, Kelly is being induced tomorrow. Teddy will have a new playmate very, very soon! I'm flying to North Carolina this evening to be with her for the birth. I'm so very honored, thrilled, and excited that she invited me to be a part of this special process. I'm weepy just thinking about the miracle that tomorrow will bring...better save my tears, don't want to get the computer wet. :) I promise to share more once her sweet bundle arrives. I should be back home to my own sweet treats by Friday evening.

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  1. I am up and feeding sweet samuel as i catch up on your blog. typing with one hand as im sure many moms do. I so much enjoy reading about Teddy and cant wait to start sharing my own stories. Kyle and I feel so lucky thay you came for samuel"s birth. you are awesome!