Sunday, May 30, 2010


Union Wharf, North End

Just put Teddy down for his nap and wanted to take a moment and share what an incredible time we are having in Boston! Oh me, Oh my...we LOVE it! Rarely do Ryan and I compliment a place with the phrase "We could live here," but this is sooo that kind of city.
Hope you are all having yummy yummy weekends as well!


  1. Katie,
    Beautiful! It was an escape to read through your blog. Your photos of Teddy and your life together out and about are lovely. He looks so much like both of you- especially you, I think. Thanks for the peek at life with the Alcotts!
    If you are looking for a church out there, our new pastor hails from Park Street Congregational church, and is a lovely man. I have heard incredible things about the congregation there.

  2. Oh that's is too funny that your pastor just came from here! We're actually leaving this weekend or we would have LOVED to check it out. Off to our next project in Brookings, SD. :)