Friday, May 28, 2010


Last Sunday, in an attempt to get out of the house following my bout of sickness we headed off to the beautiful Olana historic site. Set on 120 acres, Olana was the home to Fredric Church, a famous American painter. The landscape was gorgeous. Big gardens, old barns, tall meadows, and blue waterways. We had such a lovely time. Teddy was able to run, run, run, perfect for our country boy. When he came upon the flower gardens he stopped and lingered though, gently stroking and sniffing. He adored the colors and textures, such a flower enthusiast...he could have spent all day among the blossoms.

Prior to Fredric Church owning the property, it was a working farm throughout the early 19th century. Much to Teddy's delight the original barn is still standing. Below he's posing on a stone wall after walking around the old outbuilding. He seemed to have deemed it satisfactory after doing lots of pats on the red wood.

I love the next few photos. Teddy and I were relaxing on a cute little dock while Ryan went to get the car. He looks so sweet in his cut-off jeans and muscle tank.

In the next shot you can see Poohka Louhka dangling from his mouth. So you see, he's really not such a big boy, but still mama's baby. :)

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Boston for the holiday weekend. With this cutie pie in tow, it should to be a wonderful time.

Hugs. The Alcott trio.

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  1. He is just too dang cute!
    p.s. guess what large fluffy kitty just made his way across my laptop? he sends many purrs, cheek pats, and neck snuggles.