Thursday, May 20, 2010

warm weather

Following a nice trip home to Minnesota, we're unexpectantly back in New York for the next couple weeks. The project Ryan was working on had some things come up and his services were needed once again.

Thank heavens the weather is warm. Teddy boy and mama are passing their days enjoying the sunshine!

(Kel, doesn't this one look like that drawing you made...too funny!)

With the warm weather comes a strong craving for Mr. Freezes. I bought my first box of the season a couple days ago. Yum.


  1. YES! so excited to see the new post! :) Great pictures Katie. Oh and I forgot... do freezy-pops make your throat tickle/itch/feel funny too? I feel like we've talked about this before... Even if they do, they are SO worth it!

  2. loving having you back in this space.
    digging t bear's little keen sandals. we love ours-- great for canoeing. :)

  3. Awww I can't wait until Sammy and I can enjoy the great outdoors together more and yes that pic does remind me of the drawing. very cool! I say awww a lot lately.

  4. Alissa - I'm so sorry to hear of your itchy throat freeze situation! Could it possibly be the brand you eat? I highly recommend However, the summer stock at the A residence is usually the Coborn's brand. Not a huge fan. Really huge, weird flavors. Check the juice aisle at your local supermarket for a 24 pack of the good stuff.

    Aimee - He loves the sandels too! We call them his river shoes. :)

    Kelly - Sammy is going to LOVE playing outdoors next spring/summer! Crazy to think he'll be walking!