Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Teddy has been saying the funniest little phrases lately. I need to keep a notepad with me so I can quickly record them. It's clear he listens closely to the way Ryan and I converse, the way we speak to him, and the words we use. For example, this morning's conversation, Me: "Would you like to go pick out a yogurt?" Teddy: "I'd be happy to..." Me: "Hopefully there are still a few left..." Teddy: "There's plenty more, Mama." Just makes me giggle that he's now saying things like "I'd be happy to.." I know I say it all the time in response to the (many) requests during the day...unmistakably, he's picked up on it! The "plenty more" thing also makes us smile. He uses it to reassure himself while eating, that there is "plenty more." He'll look at all the nummies on his plate and say "plenty more!" with a huge grin. As the meal is slowly eaten away the "plenty more's" become less frequent, but he'll still mutter a couple under his breath as if wishful thinking will cause more pineapple or pizza to appear! He's such a funny little guy!

Last Friday, with our pizza loving boy in tow, we had our first dinner out since arriving in Grand Forks. Thanks to a friend's suggestion, we tired Rhombus Guys (a pizza pie joint) downtown. Yum! Gorgeous weather, sidewalk seating, and an adjoining park made for a fabulous evening! Below are some photos of Mr. Teddadore chillin' in the parkway following dinner. He was really diggin' the fishie decor.

In other news, the grain harvest has begun in Grand Forks. Each evening we're able to see huge combines in the nearby fields. The pee wee farm expert is in HEAVEN! We park along the road and watch the huge tractors roar throw the fields. It's really quite beautiful. Today, we went to a farm supply store and bought Teddy a toy combine (International Harvester, if your interested). He LOVES it! I think we are raising a future American farmer!

A video from last night. These little clips are played over and over again by a certain someone.

Tomorrow, Teddy and I are heading home for a doctor's appointment. Looking forward to checking in on the littlest Alcott. Ryan will join us over the weekend. Hugs to you and yours.

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