Sunday, August 1, 2010

a typical day

Riverside Pool, Grand Forks

Teddy and I had a lovely first week in Grand Forks. Our days tended to unfold as follows:

7am: Wake up. Fulfill T's favorite and first request of the day, a cup of juice. Curl up together on the couch with The Early Show. Watch the news and share a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Cereal finished, T hops down to go pick out a yogurt. Almost as exciting as the earlier mentioned juicy, he manages to devour the entire thing in mere seconds (adult portion). Lounge around a bit. Play tractors. Read books. Unload dishwasher of last night's dishes. Reload with breakfast dishes. Get dressed. Start a load or two of laundry (mud caked on every article of clothing Mr. Alcott was wearing the previous day).

9am: Head out on chosen outing for the day. Last week's adventures centered around the park, the library, and the pool. Enjoy the warm summer weather. Take our day slow. Walk a lot. Explore a lot. Smell the flowers (literally).

12pm: Home for lunch. Typically either last night's leftovers or a sandwich with fruit. Teddy may or may not watch a Barney episode during lunch. He may or may not just listen to his favorite Raffi album during lunch. He may or may not chit chat non-stop during lunch. Or he may just sit quietly and eat, but more likely may not.

1pm: Change into comfy cozies. Use the potty (not mentioned earlier, but used regularly now). Pick out 2 or 3 books. Read books. Flip off lights. Sing 2 or 3 songs. Crawl into crib. Tickle and talk for a minute or two. Nap time!

1:30/2ish -3:30/4ish: Mommy time. Clean up lunch. Load dishwasher. Do dinner prep (i.e. cut veggies, marinade, ect). Fold and put away early mentioned laundry (mud now removed). Read. Blog. Relax.

4pm: Teddy's up. Pick out a snack, usually melon, grapes, or blueberries. Grab a large stack of books. Curl up on mommy's big bed, wake up slowly while mommy reads books.

5pm: Head out to little apartment playground. Spend an hour outside, swinging, climbing, and sliding. Run up and down hill. Fall. Scrap. Bonk. Get up. Do it again.

6pm: Back inside. Make dinner. Teddy spends this time with a chair pulled up next to the sink playing in the faucet. Fill then immediately dump out 100+ cups of water. (Please accept our apologizes, Mother Earth.)

6:30pm: Dinner time and daddy comes home. Handsome husband is tuckered and sun beaten, but always smiley.

7:00 - 7:45pm: Play with daddy! Sometimes just a bath and tub toys. Sometimes baseball (In-house version. Resembles little of the actual sport.) Sometimes horsey.

7:45pm: Jammies on. Brush teeth. Read one book with Dada. Read one book with Mama. Say prayers with both. Talk about the baby. ("Yes, mama has a baby in her tummy. Yes, he will come with the snow. Yes, he will come when it's cold out. Yes, you can hold his hand." Ect.) Sing songs. Do tickles. To bed little one.

Our days are simple. And similar. And lovely. As we anxiously await the arrival of Theodore's little brother, I'm reminded to treasure the now. These last months with just my first born are so very special. Soon there will be more joys, more laughter, and more baby boy tears. For now though we'll giggle, cuddle, and grow together...all while awaiting the snow.


  1. I love this one, I love them all of course but this one made me chuckle. I can relate. :)

  2. so sweet! i'm not gonna lie; as i was reading through, i am pretty sure i did comment something like, "oh the days of only having one!" they seem so long ago... and i totally remember the last few days before Noah was born being so sad that those days were over. BUT i wouldn't go back for anything!!! :) and one day, when i was talking to Sophia about how special those days were, so let me know how we were on such different pages about it. her thoughts: "and i was so sad then without my brother Noah, because i just love him so much!" there you have it; from the lips of babes!! :)