Thursday, March 19, 2009

all my memories gathered round her

much of my time so far in colorado has felt like a deja vu dream. you know when you feel like you've been somewhere before, but you really haven't. except i have been here before, it was just a long time ago. my family came once for a summer vacation. we spent a lot of time in this area so everywhere ryan and i go feels vaguely familiar.

because the last time i was here was with my mom, i feel her presence so very near. my mom loved colorado. she came with friends throughout her twenties and was so excited to bring johnny and i back. it was actually the first plane ticket she booked for all of us, minneapolis non-stop to denver. i understand why she loved it, she always was an earthy-kind of girl. she appreciated anything deemed "country" and this place is certainly that...

today as i was preparing theodore's oatmeal breakfast i kept thinking about her love for nature and a few funny little memories popped into mind....

* if the weather allowed, she always dried her hair outside. she loved the feeling of the wind and sun slowly soaking up the moisture. i can honestly say i don't remember ever seeing her use a hair dryer. if she did in the winter, i have no memory of it.

* she frequently sent us outside to "go find pretty leaves." sometimes to be pressed and dried in an old encyclopedia, other times to be left for few days on the counter and later swept up, shriveled off the floor.

* all bedtime stories (we habitually asked for oral rather than written) were set on some outdoor adventure with her brothers and sisters. more than the stories themselves, what i remember is the way she described colors, temperatures, and textures...specific, beautiful, little details.

* she often brought us back to her "secret"/favorite spots on the creek where she grew up. the bridge on walter's land being the most secret of the secret.

my mom at the creek

some people say that it's likely for husband and wife to in some way or another model their parents ... i've always thought ryan, most reminds me of my mom, and i my dad. their pure hearts, the way they relate to people, the way they communicate, are all things that are very similar between the two of them. now though more than ever, colorado has reminded me that their appreciation and deep love for god's country is yet another similarity.


  1. What a beautiful post. Your mom was an incredible lady! Everyone who met her loved her. It must be fun to be back in colorado and to know she loved it there too.

    I like how she used to send you and johnny out to find pretty leaves. That reminds me of how my mom used to make Ashley and I go look for pretty rocks in the driveway. I'm sure you will make Teddy do the same thing :)

    Colorado sounds so lovely. I would love to visit.

  2. I so enjoyed reading about your mom - and learning more about what she was like when you were younger. I'm thankful I met you when we were so young - most of what I can remember involves you and your family.

  3. I love this. I was just thinking of her when I decided to check your blog. What a lovely surprise! You embody her more than you even know.

  4. Katie-This was a beautiful post! I'm so glad you enjoying such a special place and making new amazing memories while cherishing the ones of you mom! Sounds like you are having a great time. And hey if you get bored Boise is only a 12 hour drive. Hee, hee!