Monday, March 16, 2009

rocky mountain high in colorado

the traveling alcott family has arrived in colorado springs! ryan drove his truck out on friday and on saturday morning teddy and i flew out. we are not sure how long we will be here, but it sounds like anywhere from 1 -2 months. basically we will be on this project until the albany project is ready for ryan. we found an awesome furnished condo, so there was no need to drag down all of our things, always a plus. the best part is the beautiful views off our back deck and the incredibly warm weather!

yesterday, we spent the entire day outside. teddy even had the rare treat of taking one of his naps in the backpack! we explored "the garden of the gods" and "red rock canyon," two incredible hiking areas both within 10 minutes from our condo. we brought along a picnic lunch and teddy enjoyed helping to prepare and then eat his blueberries, bananas and puffed cereal on the mountainside.

today he woke up and immediately wanted to be back out. we took our breakfast out to the deck and when i tried to bring him in afterwards he was devastated. while i hurried to get dressed for the day, he just stood at the glass sliding door and peered out longingly! it is amazing how clear some of his loves are already :) thankfully, we are within walking distance to an adorable downtown area so we spent the afternoon walking and exploring. he loved it...cooing at every dog and baby that passed!

well i feel like i already have a million little stories to share, but we just arrived so i better save some for later! hope you are all having a lovely monday.


  1. Teddy looks so grown up! I must come see him....and Colorado!

  2. Can I come too!!! I need to see him and (you!)

  3. oh course! both of you come out for a visit, we would LOVE it!

  4. I want to come too!! I miss everyone.