Friday, March 27, 2009

two peas in a pod

* eleven mile state park. lake george, colorado

i know i've mentioned before that ryan and teddy are very close, but i thought i would share a little photo proof! :)

* daddy helping our big boy to hike for himself

* ryan was supposed to be cleaning his truck...clearly he's a little distracted watching teddy play! :)

* ryan thought teddy needed something to play with while we hiked so he stuck the tree branch on his shoulder.

* of course, teddy was fascinated!

"it's not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us father and son." - friedrich von schiller


  1. Precious pictures. It makes me look forward to the day that I can see Kyle as a daddy :)

  2. These pics are amazing. Their relationship is beautiful.

  3. so precious, Teddy is going to grow up completely loving nature...