Sunday, March 29, 2009

quick (and not always clean) hands

lately teddy's little hands nab anything with lightening speed. cell phones, wagging tails, bowls of freshly prepared grub, all commonly fall victim. yesterday however, he reached for a much less desirable item...

i was in the middle of changing his diaper when spry little fingers reached in and pulled out a poop. i was stunned. what does one do when your child is holding human droppings?

a.) grab the poop from him.

b.) yell at him to "put the poop back in your diaper young man!"

c.) accept that the damage is done and allow him to hold the poop while i finish changing his diaper.

i settled for choice "a", accompanied by a loud shriek. teddy of course, was terribly disappointed that i'd seized his prize possession and couldn't understand all the fuss.

due to my strong reaction, i now seem to have created an unsettling curiosity around the all too often nappy changes. how soon can i start potty training? i have a feeling that every little boys favorite book will also be a hit in our household.


  1. This made me laugh! Little Ted is a curious little boy. You should ask my mom about the day that I puked on the floor, Grant pooped on the floor, and Amy (the little girl my mom babysat) peed on the floor! It was a monumental day of bodily fluids!

  2. Oh my gosh. this is hilarious! His face is so cute!!!! Can't wait to see him!