Thursday, September 23, 2010

South Dakota

Father and son. Uncle Bob's farm. Sept. 2010

Last weekend the Alcott trio (+ bebé en útero) drove to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a celebration in honor of Ryan's maternal grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It was truly a blessed event! How incredible is a 60th wedding anniversary!?! The best part is his grandparents are such lovebirds. They have the sort of partnership every marriage aims to create. We are lucky to have their beautiful example in our family. I wish I'd taken a photo of the honorary couple, but alas it slipped by too fast with few photos captured.

I did manage to get a couple photos from our first morning there with a quick visit to Uncle Bob's farm. Ryan has three uncles with working farms in the area, so naturally these visits were a highlight of the trip for Teddy. When Ry and I were in high school, talking about careers and the paths we hoped to take through college, I half-jokingly half-seriously suggested a number of times that we move to South Dakota and become farmers. Obviously the logistics and financial reality of entering the farm industry from scratch in today's age would be VERY difficult, but my may have been the perfect fit for our family. The best part, Ryan would never have to travel for work again. We'd always have him with us. And we really, really like him with us.

cow collage


It's raining here today, so Ry is home. They don't work in the rain. Perfect. Hope you are spending the day with your lovies as well. Muah!

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