Friday, April 10, 2009

beat the drum

a few things we celebrated this week:

against all odds, ryan escaped the tight grip of work and family last weekend for a day on the slopes!

after at least a two year break, i finally picked up my knitting needles again.

following months of encouragement and lots of practice, teddy started saying "mama" really well! we've actually heard him say it much clearer than the video portrays, but what we captured is pretty darn cute :)

while out for a hike on wednesday night we found this TRUE sign that spring has arrived.

...and the great part is knowing the best celebration is yet to come


  1. It made my night to check out your blog and hear Teddy say "momma" - so precious Katie!

  2. Teddy is really talkative this week and he says momma so well! I wish I lived close so I could see how he changes day to day. The picture of Ryan is awesome! It could be on the cover of a ski resort magazine or something. And way to go with the knitting!