Monday, April 27, 2009

practice makes perfect

HUGE development at our house! Teddy took his first unsupported, unassisted steps on Friday night! He did about 3 wobbly strides and then fell over. By Saturday though he doubled that, taking 7 steps.... before collapsing in utter exhaustion :) He's very nonchalant about the triumph and isn't overly excited to keep trying...honestly, I don't think he realized he was walking all by himself. On Sunday when we tried to get him interested in more practice (by interested I mean waving strawberries, sweet potato chunks, or cereal in front of him) he absolutely refused and wanted to crawl to the chow. I'm hoping today if I bring out the big guns, garbanzo beans or gruyere cheese (two favorites), we may see more gains.

and because a ten month old's list of duties is never-ending, we continue to practice his other jobs.


  1. Kate, this is frickin' adorable. Thanks for sharing! I can't believe he is WALKING! I need to see this boy. When are you coming back??

  2. I love this baby sooo much! when can you drop him off and leave him with me?

  3. Teddy is going to LOVE having video of his first steps and you "teaching" him to say momma!