Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sweet and spicy

lately teddy ryan alcott has been a wonderful mix of sweet and spicy. at times he can be the most precious little angel in the whole wide world and at others...well, he knows how to make himself heard! as his parents, we love all his ingredients and we thought you might appreciate a few of them too.

the sweet side:

everyday he is melting our hearts with his love for kisses. honestly, giving kisses is one of his most favorite things right now. when he first sees ryan and i in the morning he will give us at least 5 kisses each. as we read books he wants to give all the characters kisses too. some of the people that never slip by him without a smooch are the chicks in his farm books, the bee on the cover of "fuzzy bee," and devin from the family album grandma alcott gave him. devin, bet you didn't know your cousin gives you kisses each and every day. how's that for love! :) the thing that really makes me giggle though is before we put on a clean diaper he gives whatever sesame street character pampers printed on it a quick peck!

and his spicy side:
2 things teddy's loves, while mommy and daddy dislike.....

1.) fans. he stands near the fan at the foot of his crib, hollering into it so it echoes back at him. hilarious fun that he would do for hours.
problem: well there are a couple...first, i'm worried his little fingers will slip in between the guard slots and he'll lose a tip. second, he gets so excited by his friend Fan that he tries to hug him, knocking him over or pulling Fan on top of him.
his solution: turn into a arched back maniac, with flying arms and legs causing mom to have a terrible time dragging me away from my swirling, windy, beloved.
2.) wheels. he wants to touch EVERY SINGLE wheel he spots. cars, strollers, toys, grocery carts, you name it.
problem: can you imagine my child on the floor of a grocery store touching the disgusting cart wheels with his drool soaked hands. seriously.
his solution: hold my breath. turn deep purple in the face. and then let out a horrifyingly loud scream causing the other shoppers to wonder if a.) i fell out of the shopping cart or b.) mom just ran over me with the shopping cart.


  1. Oh teddy and mommy dearest, you two are both such hilarious little beings. I love you!

  2. The fan part makes me laugh! Oh teddy, so full of love, even for inanimate objects :)