Tuesday, April 14, 2009

every opportunity

following a year and a half break from the education field, i am beginning to revisit the idea of returning to work in the fall. anyone who understands the inner workings of ryan's job knows this is a tricky situation. while we appreciate the experiences frequent travel offers, it does not mesh well with spousal careers or overall day to day family life. a re-entry into the classroom on my part would likely mean an exit from azco on ryan's. we hope the details will work themselves out in the coming months.

in the meantime, i've spent the last month or so throwing my resume in amongst the masses at a few choice locations around the twin cities. although i've already heard rumors from education counterparts that social studies positions continue to draw close to five hundred applicants, it couldn't hurt to add my name to the bunch.

another option is to explore teaching opportunities in some of the locations ryan may work at in the coming months. if he stays with azco, we are still on track for albany by june. although i've done a little research, it's been difficult to gage the need for teachers in the capital area. i do know to become licensed in the state of new york is a moderately hefty process. not to mention it would be difficult to say whether we would be there for a full school year.

for now we will simply keep our eyes open, seek out new opportunities if they should arise, and continue to enjoy the sightseeing along the way.

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