Friday, April 24, 2009

closing shop

we've always loved elton john in this household, but since going to the his concert earlier this month i've become obsessed. his music has become a part of daily routine. just prior to breakfast we put on the rocket man and shake a leg. teddy loves dancing. the more spins the better. but i have to think after 15 days of the same tunes he must be ready for me to get over my fixation. in light of closing the chapter on sir elton for awhile, here is a short video of my VERY FAVORITE song from his show here in colorado springs. unfortunately my memory card filled up right before the chorus, but i'm sure you can still get a feel for its greatness. maybe after sharing him with friends and family, i will finally feel i've spread enough of his love and poor teddy can start listening to someone sing about dinosaurs, chickens, know, the things he enjoys. :)

have a fabulous friday!


  1. That was such a great concert. I can't even believe that I was there! Kind of a surreal experience. I loved Levon and Rocket Man and oh so many more.

  2. So cool! I think my fav Elton song for the last few years has been "Blessed" Love it. Love his stuff!