Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dew, drizzle, and a rocky mountain fog

Last weekend we were so excited to have Tim, Amy, and the kiddos down for the afternoon. After consuming an enormous bowl of fruit and an egg bake for energy, we hit a nearby mountain trail. The weather was cool, misty, and foggy. A very Irish day. Despite numb fingers, we loved it. Teddy adores having other children around and after their departure he spent the evening wondering from room to room looking for his friends. :)

Could Noah be any cuter?

Amy and Noah disappearing into the fog.

The cousins with their children :)

After hiking for an hour or so it opens up into this meadow, very mystical on a day such as that...

Nature's perfection.


  1. So fun! We've had a wet, dreary spring in Idaho too. But we still manage to get out and enjoy it too! Wish we could have been there hiking with you guys!

  2. Sometimes the dewy weather is so refreshing! Looks like you guys had a really nice time.