Wednesday, May 13, 2009

our mailman

I have a wonderful cousin who is a thrift store maniac! She is constantly nabbing great deals on an array of goods. Before Theodore was born, while i aimlessly wondered the baby aisle at Target, Melissa was out buying all sorts of fabulous second-hand treasures for our June arrival. One of the novelties she picked up was a toy mailbox. In the last month it has turned into Teddy's most favorite thing! He adores placing his little valuables in it and then giggles when he later finds they are still where he left them....who da' thought?!

More recently he's been getting his kicks from objects that spring out when he opens the door. Since this peek-a-boo effect does not happen on its own, we've been helping out a little bit.

Both myself, and Teddy's late Grandma Morrow had an affinity for snail mail. Maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... :)

side note: the 85 degree temps yesterday were just enough to push our lilacs into full bloom. as i type, their fragrance is blowing through the room. heaven.


  1. I love these videos. I was giggling right along with teddy the whole time. He has such fun parents to play with!

  2. That sound is the most pure and beautiful sound in the world.

  3. Love the video! And a neighbor has that mailbox and the kiddos love it. Recently I've been letting them play out front on the porch. The other day I went out to put some letters in the mailbox and found it stuffed with leaves and rocks! Glad I found it before the mailman did. He probably would NOT have been pleased. He's pretty grumpy. We had to have a little chat about only "real" letters going in the mailbox. They said the leaves were pretend letters. Crazy kiddos.