Friday, May 1, 2009

a good little eater

I had to share these adorable photos of Teddy having dinner this week. Aren't those eyes just to die for ?!? I am experimenting with a new photo program and thought the 60's feel looked pretty nifty on these shots. :)

Teddy has always been and continues to be a great eater. He loves meal time. As soon as i mention broccoli or zucchini he makes a bee line for the kitchen! Steamed veggies are a big hit, as he prefers to pick up the food and feed himself, rather then having us shovel in the pureed variety for him.

Excitingly, he has now learned the sign for "all done" so he can tell us when he is full. Though he doesn't seem to need it often! He seldom has a problem clearing his tray! Life with Ryan and Teddy....I can already see my grocery bill rising!


  1. Love this! Great pics. I like the 60's feel.

  2. Love the pics as well! Teddy's eyes are beautiful. I love his little hat too!