Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a weekend with family

Ryan, Teddy, and I were so blessed to have Ryan's parents come out and stay with us over the weekend. We'd been looking forward to their arrival since they booked the tickets and it was every bit as special as imagined. We went out on awesome hikes, ate delicious food, and spent lots of time laughing at Teddy. The little guy was naturally THRILLED with the extra attention and really hammed it up for the company with funny faces, lots of baby blabber, and kisses for Grandma.

Ryan and Darrel got out twice to try their luck at the nearby trout streams. Although Ryan has been fly fishing for a couple years now, he reports that fishing in Colorado (and specifically, fishing for trout) is quite unique and has taken time to learn the ropes. It was Darrel's first time fly fishing and he too confirmed how much there is to learn about the sport. They both had a great time though and Ry even caught his first brown trout!

My river rat at the South Platte.

Darrel fishing the "Dream Stream."

Even the littlest Alcott likes to look for the fish.

My favorite part of the weekend was a Mother's Day hike on nearby Cheyenne Mountain. It is a gorgeous area that really gives you that deep forest feel, unlike the red rock/desert that makes up many of the trails in Southern Colorado. It was a cool, crisp day and we all agreed it was the perfect day for a long hike. As we made our way into the woods we stumbled upon the remains of an old cabin. All that was left was the fireplace and the corners of the foundation....so fun to find!

We tackled some pretty steep inclines.

Thanks to the most precious little boy this side of the mountain, I celebrated my first Mother's Day. It was one to remember.

Judy's husband. Ryan's father. Theodore's grandfather.

It was a straight drop off the ledge. Considering Darrel's aversion toward heights, we were impressed.

A perfect way to close out our weekend.

Special thanks to Judy and Darrel for coming to visit. After 2 months away from home, we were missing you both like crazy! It was wonderful to have you all to ourselves for a few days. You are already creating such a special relationship with Teddy, he is very lucky little boy.

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  1. It sounds like they had just as fun of a time as I did when I came to visit. I especially love the picture of darrel fishing in the dream stream. The fishing pictures remind me of "a river runs through it." I am sad that you guys are leaving colorado soon. I would love to come back :(