Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay I've met her. The most beautiful, sweet baby girl in the whole wide world. I'm absolutely positive she was sent straight from heaven. Cecelia Lynn Cullen was born on April 11th, but due to our out of town status we weren't able to meet her until just yesterday. She was perfect. A gorgeous head of hair, blue eyes, and as dainty as a daisy.

The new parents are doing great. Shannon is a natural mother. It was so fun to watch her take care of her baby and CeCe just loved her mama to pieces. Whenever Shan picked her up she seemed to peacefully let out a little sigh and then she would snuggle right in. Chris too, is falling right into fatherhood. Baby girl Cullen looks very much like her daddy...and I have a feeling Chris didn't mind a bit.

Like everyone else, Teddy loved the new baby. They were hilarious together! CeCe would let out a high-pitched newborn cry and Teddy would imitate it with a startling little shriek of his own. Then later Ted whined about something and CeCe responded with a whimper. They definitely seemed to empathize and care about the other. I knew an arranged marriage was a good idea!

Welcome to the world baby girl. It was so good to be introduced.


  1. What a doll! Newborns are so cute. Makes me want one. Soon!

  2. oh my goodness. how am i ever going to be apart from your little one kel?!? i will be dying to snuggle and love them up every single day!