Monday, June 8, 2009

from pregnancy to toddlerhood

As Theodore's 1st birthday nears, we've been looking back nostalgically at our home videos from the past 12 months. We thought it'd be fun to share a few throughout the week in celebration of June 12th and the VERY BEST summer blessing ever!

Late last spring, a few weeks before the baby joined our family, we planted a tree in his or her honor (we didn't know the sex) out at our land. Here are some clips from the day!

In the past 2 months, our Junebug has really started to change from baby to little boy! I keep saying to Ryan, "Look at Teddy! Look how big he is!" Yesterday he wore actual sneakers to the park...hard soles, laces...the whole shebang. He looked way too grown up walking in around in such big boy shoes.

Thank goodness, when he sleeps he still looks just like my baby :)

1st birthday, here we come! Have a lovely Monday dear friends.


  1. He looks so adorable all slouched in his stroller...what a cutie!

  2. I'm sending early happy birthday wishes! We're busy traveling on Teddy's actual birthday. Enjoy it...and did I send you a note and say we'll miss you terribly this month??? Enjoy his BIG day!!!