Friday, June 12, 2009

happy birthday theodore

June 12th. Teddy's first birthday. This is truly a day of celebration, joy, and achievement for not only our Teddy bear, but for Ryan and I as well. How much life has changed in a year...

I remember those first few sleep deprived, delirious days at home. Every night I felt thankful we'd made it through another day. I'd say to myself "Okay, this is good, we made it through day # 6. He is 6 days old now. Thank goodness. It is going to get easier now." Although the shift was never quite as swift as I'd hoped, over the course of the year our days (and nights!) have certainly become much easier.

Teddy too, has changed. Physically, he went from being unable to hold up his own head to learning how to walk. At first he didn't even know how to smile, now he rolls on the ground in fits of laughter. Most special though is how he's learned to love. He wasn't an overly cuddly baby, he never really wanted to snuggle in. Now he loves to be held and cuddled. Whenever I get down on the floor, he runs over to give me a hug. It is just soo sweet...his little legs move as fast as they can to get to me and give me my hug before I get up again. Plus he still loves to give kisses....he goes on kissing rampages, giving like 10 in a row!

Theodore brings such joy into our lives. He is the whole reason Ryan and I went from being a couple in love, to a family in love. What a gift. When I was a little girl my mom used to say to me "If God told me I could go to every door in the whole world and pick out any daughter, I would still pick you." Well my baby boy, If God told me I could go to every door in the whole world and pick out any son, I would still pick you. Happy birthday my sweetheart.


  1. Love you Baby Guppy and Mama and Papa Guppy!

  2. the last paragraph makes me tear up. happy birthday teddy!!!